R-22 challenge, requires Switzerland DLC

  • OK, so this is a fairly daft thing to do, but I wonder if anyone else has tried landing at Schilthorn? It's an interesting challenge because the R-22 won't hover that high; you need transitional lift to get up there. As soon as your forward speed drops you begin to descend. This means approaching more like a fixed-wing, with a somewhat exaggerated flare and trying to plonk the R-22 on the helipad. On one attempt I thought I was about to achieve this, but when the downwash hit the helipad the R-22 suddenly remembered it was a helicopter and, since I still had full collective in a desperate attempt to stay in the air, promptly taxied over the edge. I did manage it once, but it wasn't pretty and I think in reality I hit the deck far too hard not to have done any serious damage. If anyone's daft enough to have a go, let me know how you get on.

  • Absolutley , It's a fun challenge , and also helps you fine tune the skill required for pinnacle landings under low power. You need to time your approach perfectly so that you transition from forward flight directly on to the IGE air cusion provided by the helipad. a steep aproach (15 degree aproach angle) with a well timed flare is essential. and very rewarding when you pull it off.

  • I'm a real helicopter pilot and I have just spent an hour trying to land there and didn't manage it once yet. Kudos to you that have landed it.

    OK just managed to land it. The problem is there is zero space to run on so you have to get it spot on for the approach. I would never attempt such a steep approach in an R22, that is an AS350/355 helipad. A lot of fun so long as your real little body is not at risk. ;)

  • I have epxerience flying B206 Jetranger B3 and EC120B, I'ld love to see those in AFS2 ;)

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