• Hello everyone 8)

    I do not know if this post has already been published and suggested in the past?? But I relaunch it, and we'll see ....?

    I want to thank the entire IPACS team for this wonderful SIM, which in my opinion is by far the best !!! And this despite some projects are still waiting.

    I also especially thank the private developers who devote a lot of their time and hours, and without them we would not be at this stage of evolution! We are very lucky!!!

    Because unfortunately for me, and I'm certainly not the only one, not having the capabilities to develop this kind of projects, which seems to be simple for some, but much more complex for others like me, despite the tools provided by IPACS.:/

    Now, this is especially the developers on this platform, without mentioning their names, because the list would be too long, but in my eyes, are real PROFESSIONALS!

    They offer us all, for free and generously scenes, or even aircraft, which in my opinion could pay, or at least a special contribution to development, and the hours they work, despite the greatest pleasure and passion they have for AFS2.

    I know some people will not share my opinion on this.:(

    Or, rather, would you say that there are enough links available for FSX, XP or P3D to download free addons!

    OK, but most of them are not comparable to those created for our SIM card. No addon arrives at the ankle with such results, quality and details, any SIM confused! Except the paid addons, and again ... Although some authors provide paid addons with good results, and others do not justify their prices at all.

    My proposal for IPACS or even is simple:

    It would be simple to add a small application on the platform (Case for Don) as on, but this time, it would be only intended for authors of creations and developments. (Of course if all the developers would agree!):)

    I think that it would bring a little more, and would help our develloppers who deserves it, and as much as IPACS to evolve even more and on a larger scale with AFS 2 !!!

    Notice to all readers

    This remains a proposal and a simple personal opinion.



    PS: I apologize for some typing errors in English, translation with Google.

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  • I am totally with you Tomfa,

    when you have an idea to make the option better, i will put it on my pages.

    The simplest way (I think) is when the authors who like to get donations .... make / have a paypal account

    and write their paypal-mailaccounts in the download database and in their .txt file in the zip.

    But i also know many authors dont want money/donation, they make it for free and for the thankful answers and experiences
    from other users and are happy with it ... ( I do also for EDXE scenery for free ,
    and I think it was more than 100 hours, but it makes fun for me to learn new things and to have my own place where i fly in real).

    And for my server ( yes, that costs a little bit for software, updates, domains, traffic, time, server )

    I hope it didnt go to negativ / it fluctuates at zero in future , so there is not so much risk for me :) and some donation are
    there last weeks/month , and Ipacs pay advertisings ...

  • Thank you for taking part in this higgy thread!

    Thank you for taking part in this higgy thread!

    You are absolutely right!

    Intel I7-4930MX - 3,90 GHz - 32GB - GTX 880M - 8GB - Samsung SSD M.2 250 Go + Samsung SSD M.2 750 Go - Win10 Pro