Cockpit buttons and switches readability

  • Do you have any plans to improve the readability on the wording on some of the buttons and switches? Some have clear labels, such as the 172. Some have fair readability, like the Q400. Some are just unreadable, like the Learjet and the overhead panel on the A320. I had to reference the tutorial for the Learjet because I simply can't read what the buttons are, especially on a small screen like a phone but even on the larger screen of the ipad.

  • The resolution of the textures had to be reduced due to limited device space and performance and as far as I know we can't make the app content differ depending on the device they are installed on. So your device might have the space and computing power necessary but more low end devices could have crashes instead. That's why we opted for the safer middle ground. We can look into maybe increasing the resolution of few cockpit textures, I can't promise anything at this time but we'll look into it.