Planes all have brakes on!

  • Hi,

    For some reason all my planes seem to have brakes on full. When I go to the controller setup my rudder pedals are half way and when i press they go full and then back to half.

    but if I press them in and then reset and go back to the plane and press them as if applying brakes the plane rolls.

    So something has happened in an update that's changed my setup.

    They are thrustmaster rudder pedals.

  • If I understand you correctly, your brakes work reversed now? With full brakes applied the plane rolls but with brakes released the aircraft stops?

    If that is what is happening, please delete the assignments of the brakes and make sure that you click on the right side of the axis when you assign them... That should highlight the "+" direction on that bar display and then push the brake pedals to assign the positive (more brake) direction.

  • Hi,

    Nope what I was saying, is I can only seem to release them if I set it up in reverse. The other thing i noticed is that when the brakes are set normal (so press to brake) and I put the hand brake on and then off, I can then move but the minute I press the brakes they remain in full brake.

  • Ah, yes.... the copilot is holding the brakes for you, so that you can stop the aircraft and then let go of the button without it rolling away all the time. This triggers above a brake input of 0.999 and only when the aircraft is standing still (ground speed below like 0.01 m/s or sth.) and is instantly released if you apply more than 1% throttle for one simulation frame - so nudge your throttle a tiny bit to release the brakes.

    What you want to do is get the aircraft rolling and then test the brake assignment in one of our default aircraft.

  • Hi,

    Nope the aircraft was rolling I then tap the brakes but the pedals remain engaged, you see the pedals going in, but they don't come back up again and remain depressed. I think it has something to do with the controller, and the setup in the Controller settings. I will do a screen record tonight and show you what I mean.

    First you see the the line in controller setup is far to the left, but when i press the rudder it goes all the way to right and then back only halfway.

    Second I press the brake in and then select redo. so in reverse. so now when i go to the plane and press the brake it releases and works