Version 2.04.0315 Updater

  • Downloaded this updater from the website but despite the assertion that 'the updater will automatically locate Aerofly FS 2 simply follow the instructions.' I get a Folder not found message. My installation is on the D:/ drive and I have put the installer on the same drive..... Any Ideas?

  • Did you move the installation folder manually after the first install?

    As far as I know the installer searches for registry keys for that aerofly folder and if you manually moved the folder after the installer wrote these registry entries it might no longer find your new path. If you know what you're doing you can edit the registry keys manually. Use regedit and search for "aerofly" or sth. like that. If you don't know what all this means then you should probably re-install aerofly do the desired D:/ location and then apply the update.