Questions A320 - doors and shutdown

  • Hey I found a most interesting thing in Aerofly Fs 2 2019. I don't know whether it is some great discovery or not. Today while I was flying over San Francisco. I mistakenly crashed my Boeing 737 in the Golden Bridge and thing that later happened shocked I was inside the cabin of the Boeing 737. I can see all the seats, can even move through the cabin. And most interesting thing is that to test it again I did the same crash in Night time and amazing I was again inside the cabin and now there were cabin lights turned(though not that much bright but was beautiful)

    I am continuing my experiment on this but I want help from moderator that can we move around the cabin without crashing the aircraft.

    Could you tell me how to do it?

  • Hi sir.. i have a question.. is there any chances that can provide us a features having a cabin walk or passenger view window? It is likely that it feels more realistic, aside from being a pilot, being sometimes a passenger is to look forward how a pilot go throught within their duty.and enjoy the rest of the flight.tnx sir