Almost blind landing

  • I am not here to ask devs to make landing lights soon......

    Is there anybody who can land well without lights to light the runway at night? I find it a bit difficult, almost can't see anything. With strong side winds blowing, just like the weather in my city today, it becomes even more difficult......

    Just screwed up a night flight, I don't know if I should practice landing with no lights, or maybe I should have no more night flight until lights become functional. Confused.

  • No problem since the runway lights are functional. So you do have enough guidance. The only thing that's rather difficult to judge without landing lights is the flare height.

    But I agree. Working landing/taxi/flare lights are one of the big missing realism/immersion item in this sim.

  • I recommend adjusting your night time settings to a full moon straight above you etc. It will illuminate the ground quite a bit.

    This is probably not what you're looking for but you could add the standard runway lights.

    If you only want a few light reference points then you could try Nabeels AFS2 Cultivation/Scenery editor

    This will of course not illuminate the ground but help a bit.

    I cant remember exactly but I think I set the light heights at .6meters with in intensity of .3?? This way they are not too powerful in the distance.