Colorado DLC - Denver area

  • A few days ago I only had around 30 minutes of spare time for simming so I decided to do a short helicopter flight with no specific destination. I decided to try out a region I never flew in before, around Denver in the free Colorado DLC which I downloaded some time ago but never used until now. I was pretty surprised at what I saw : the whole region around Denver seems to have full cultivation coverage and many custom buildings in the downtown area, the quality is on par with the recent payware Southern Florida DLC and for my taste an even more interesting place to fly. I didn't have time to explore where the full cultivation coverage ended but it seemed to be quite a large part of the scenery. I hadn't expected that because for the most part the default Aerofly scenery is just flat photoreal ground with some trees. Now I was wondering if there are other places within the default or free DLC regions that are of a similar high quality. Also, is this something that was part of the original release or has it been added in an update sometime? I know that the San Francisco area was greatly improved some time ago, maybe there are more of these goodies that we don't even know about?

    Cheers, Fabian

  • When I first started Aerofly, Colorado DLC was my go to. I started a project with adding autogen buildings/ edited streetlights, 3d models etc. heading into the High Rockies. Its one of the main routes North of Denver. The plan was to make a cultivated VFR flight path from Denver to Orbx Eagle County DLC. I added increased elevation data, and removed all the autogen trees. Then I got completely sidetracked with smaller cultivation projects and creating my home area. I would eventually like to go back now that my cultivation knowledge has increased majorly.

    Project area with hand placed autogen buildings:

    Into the mountains main route Hwy 70. Golden, CO -Red Rock Amphitheater

    When I first learned how to 3D Model- El Rancho, CO

    Gambling town Black Hawk/Central City (A skyscraper in the middle of the moutains!!)

    Loveland Ski Resort

    Main Ski Cities/are of Dillion, Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper. Last stop before heading to ORBX DLC

    Felt like sharing since I love this area so much.

  • jake, I started a Bandimere raceway project a while ago. I don't know if it fits within the area you showed but I gladly get going on it and give it to you. When we get a free minute that is.;)

    It most certainly does! Just down the road two miles from the main Hwy I-70 path. No worries, no hurries ;):D