Terrain collision with flight plan

  • Aerofly is by far the best flight simulator, but not finished yet. I tried to fly from LSZB to LSZA with a flight plan. The flight path is well chosen, but the altitude is deadly, because it collides with the terrain several times and leads through uncontrolled airspace. If the automatic flight planner does not set a sufficient altitude itself, you should at least be able to manually enter a suitable altitude for each waypoint. Or do I see something wrong here?

  • I also think that flight planning needs some overhaul, like you said a vertical navigation profile seems to be inexistent and I don't know which factors are taken into account to calculate altitude by the automatic flight planner. The few simple Flight plans I made so far seem to have something like a parabolic vertical profile, I continuously gain altitude until I reach a Top of climb point, then stay at that altitude until at a certain top of descent point I gradually lose altitude at a constant sink rate until I reach my destination. A real vertical profile looks more like a "staircase" where you climb and descend in steps and stay at certain levels for a period of time due to minimum altitude restrictions for specific way points. But I don't think Aerofly is capable of representing this yet.

  • The best thing would be to gradually enter the flight paths for all the runways as they apply according to the rules of the various charts.

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