Dead or ghost hand on 2019 737 control column.

  • While panning the cockpit view I inadvertently swiped over the control column and the 737 gave me a hard roll which did not stop unless the iPad was held in a hard opposite roll position equivalent to holding a PC joystick hard over. It was entertaining to have a failure mode event in Aerofly and with some difficulty the aileron trim wheel was turned full travel to normalise things.

    Safely (!) on the ground the control column was seen to be centred permanently on the 30 degree right roll input position which did not centralise with zeroing the aileron trim or exiting to a sim’ menu and recalibrating either during the inflight drama or after landing.

    There is a swipe area on the bottom left and bottom right of the control column which permanently deflects the control column neutral position up to 50 degrees from the centre. I cannot think of a useful purpose for this action, is it perhaps some unintended interference from a future control device or VR item of software? It flies the 737 as if there is a heavy detached artificial limb gripping the control column.

    I have just tried the 747 and it looks like an intended touch screen control via holding the control column with a successfully registered finger tip input. It holds the position finger off! This input bias ruins normal device tilt control.