New aircraft added and updates (from Krzysztof)

  • I had been looking at the "repositories" list for a month to find something new in FS2.

    A whole month without finding any added aircraft. Today at last, the list increased to 39 aircraft. I took a joy, but this was much greater, when I discovered that it was one of the planes for which I feel true passion: it is a "canard", small and powerful engine with which easily reaches 250 knots.

    Difficult to fly, difficult to land correctly, still with defects, especially sound, but ... it does not matter. I love challenges with small planes, maneuvers where skill is required.

    Once again, thank you, thank you very much, Krzysztof

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • I have seen that Krzysztof, has added two new airplanes in his list (repositories) and updated 10 of those already existing in the list. Aggregates = 2 and updated = 10.

    Thanks Krzysztof. In my opinion, you are making this simulator very big; In addition, your planes give the fleet of FS 2, a different air, very diverse planes, planes of all kinds; even two precious canards, which are the ones that amuse me most and with which I spend more hours flying and doing experiments, despite their shortcomings.

    By the way: as one of the updated ones was the "bgear = Extra 330 SC", I assumed that I would have added the sound files and it has not been like that, this plane continues without those files. I ask someone to inform me exactly, what is the termination of the files that I must copy from "Extra 33o LX" to "Extra 330 SC"?

    Greatly grateful, Krzysztof, for this enormous contribution.

    I thought: could someone from IPACS complement the help to Krzysztof, to accelerate the correct operation (full update) of the airplanes that are appearing in "repositories"? . I suppose that these suggesting something impossible, IPACS has more work to do than what can be done, but ... Would any of the Aerofly users with programming knowledge, could help update those planes ?. If that were possible, we would have an incredible fleet of aircraft operating correctly.
    It's possible?
    Kind regards, Krzysztof.