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  • Salut,

    Nouveaux ou futurs utilisateurs Francophone sur Aerofly FS2, avec un de mes amis simmeur de très longue date, nous avons décidé d'ouvrir un blog pour faire connaître cette simulation et aider en même temps les nouveaux venus.

    Le lien sera mis à votre disposition la semaine prochaine.

    Translation :


    New or future French-speaking users on Aerofly FS2, with one of my very old simmeur friends, we decided to open a blog to make this simulation known, and at the same time help newcomers.

    The link will be available next week.


    here is the link the blog is now open.

    Blog Francophone

    You do not have registration to do. the Site is in Guest mode, you can not post a message. Except to participate in both surveys.

    Sincerely Christy (Choco).

  • Christy

    Changed the title of the thread from “First felt simulation AFS2 & French Forum Project” to “Blog Aerofly pour les français”.
  • Don’t forget to visit the freeware download website:, for many freeware sceneries and planes liveries, as well some fantastic freeware planes (Do 27, f104), as well as to mention the be76 duchess for aerofly fs2 from justflight, and soon the justflight turbo arrow, and the aerosoft sceneries for fs2 (helgoland and lukla).

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  • Yeah. I tried the Beaver. I‘ve flown Beaver myself in Vancouver and it is far from coming close to reality. Besides this water landings are ...

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