Faster Scenery Editing

  • I have started making photo scenery of the Northern parts of Germany.

    Both satellite image servers offer very poor quality images.

    The result is I have to use a mixture.

    All of the inland waterways had to be edited by hand, for most of them I used R=42, G=57 and B=36 to give a muddy effect.

    This is my normal download "AeroScenery" main panel.

    Then I had to wait hours for the "GeoConvert" to process the tile or tiles to then view the results in FS 2 using the "Location" button.

    Then I realized that there is a faster way to do this.

    When processing with "GeoConvert" in "AeroScenery" un-tick the Level boxes leaving only Level 9.

    The process takes under 3 minutes, however you have to force the software to close using "Task Manager" as it will continue to process.

    You can then view the scenery (Level 9 only) in FS 2 using the "Location" button and either re edit the images or if happy with the results process in the normal manner.


  • IZ0JUB

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