More of transparency in your informations

  • HI,

    I'm creating a blog for Aerofly 2, and I plan to describe each plane in detail.

    But on the site Aerofly advertising is beautiful .. but do not blame me :-) but it is very imprecise about the in realism of aircraft.

    It would be really fair! that for each aircraft it is clearly indicated all the functions, instruments, which are modeled.

    and those who will be in the future and those who will ever be.

    This is the minimum we are entitled to expect.

    I come from the P3D world, had PMDG Magestic software Q400 and I am very frustrated at not having this information.

    besides this lack of precision on planes really penalize you ... because a lot of people criticize saying that they are arcade game planes ! So take the challenge, since this is not the case.

    moreover the cold and dark airplanes are not shown anywhere, and not in the wiki.

    1) Could you make the effort to update this information on the wiki and on your site.

    2) How do I put all the planes in cold and dark when I want to start a flight. I have the solution for the Q400.

    Can I do the same for other aircraft?

    thank you so much :)

  • Christy

    Changed the title of the thread from “More of transparency in aircrafts” to “More of transparency in your informations”.
  • 1) We are constantly improving our simulator and add more and more features over time and we don't want to rule out any features in the future nor do we want to fix our strategy by writing everything down. This way we can dynamically adjust to what the users actually want or adapt if some new thing comes up, e.g. like the virtual reality.

    By the way none of our competitors seem to have a full feature list for each of their default aircraft on their websites, only add-on developers have a full feature list for their product and there it makes more sense as the price for one add-on exceeds the price for the base simulator.

    2) As we have stated several times in the past in numerous other threads right now there is no menu option to start cold and dark yet. And we won't edit our default tmd files because we would have to undo that if we decide to add that menu option for cold and dark. Changing all of our tmd's to an off state now would also break other features that we have planned that depend on the default aircraft being on. Trust me, we don't do this yet because we already thought of a much better solution and we are thinking ahead long term and this saves us time to get to the right solution.

    We are here to create a well thought out product for you and there is so much more that we consider long time ahead than you know of. Again connected to the first statement, the way we implement features always leaves us the room for really awesome features.

    It's like doing a puzzle: Each new piece we put in is not an edge piece that was easiest to find in the mess but the right piece that we can connect to in the future.