I have difficulties in creating an account on GitHub. Can anybody help me?

  • I have filled out the necessary fields for account opening, but I had some difficulties in verifying that "I am not a robot". I got tired and I abandoned it.

    Later, I tried again and I find this situation:

    1) .- The field appears: "Username" empty (no name), and as soon as I enter my name, to the right of that field, a small red triangle appears and a message: "username is already in taken". But the little triangle continues in red and the word "username" also turns red


    2) .- the other fields, (e.mail, address and password), are covered correctly.

    3) .- Now comes "verify acount", but I am blocked by the username field, which continues with the warning in red.

    4) .- I am not able to get out of this loop. What can I do to finish filling in this and open the account on GitHub?

    Regards: Delfin

  • To download, I already know that it is not necessary to create an account (in fact I have downloaded several aircraft from Krzysztof, but I wanted to access information from other aircraft in development, for which it is necessary to create that account.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Regards: Delfin