Fscloudport and current FS2

  • done. have fun.

    It is done!

    Keeping the original texture of the Swiss DLC and using just the objects of fscloudport looks like this now:

    #1 LSGS with the orignal texture and vegetation of the DLC

    #2&3 LSGS using a newer photo-texture and after trees-replacement (in reality actually there is no forest in die middle western part of the airport)

    To use only the objects just replace the file LSGS.tsc with the following file LSGS_objects_only.tsc (e.g. rename the original file to LSGS.bak and copy instead of the modified file into the airport-folder of LSGS).

    Please note: If you are using the airport of fscloudport together with the Swiss DLC, the nice texture of the DLC will be replaced and you also will have some troubles with some "flying" objects. So it’s not really recommended and it’s better to use the modified *.tsc-file.



  • A very basic airport design editor to actually draw taxiways, ramps, aprons, lines and lights would be fantastic.

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  • Yes, it works also with the Switzerland South cultivation and with the cultivation of ORBX, in principle. However, both addons dispose only over buildings-definitions. So, the forest at the end of the runway will persist (it’s part of the default-vegetation of the Swiss standard-DLC).

    The only possibility is an exclusion of the vegetation resp. replacement of trees based on OSM-data.

    With a complete substitute of the trees, adding cultivation for buildings and keeping the original Swiss DLC it may look as follows:

    However, this can only be done within a separate scenery-definition (max. file size in the forum!). Even, a limited trees-replacement for the airport of Sion and his boarder should be possible.