Krzysztof, the acrobatic Yak 55m and others ...

  • I completely agree with you, in your first affirmation.

    Regarding the second part of your statement: "many inoperable buttons". I also agree, although it is not only these planes, those that continue with these inactive functions, but in my case, I do not care too much. Of the acrobatic planes, what really matters to me, is that they correctly perform the acrobatic maneuvers, and of that, I do not have excessive complaints, except one: "feel the GES on my body", and that, I will never feel them.

    I would very much like to feel the centrifugal force on my body in the acrobatic maneuvers, but I will not feel it in ... this incarnation. In the next? ... we'll see.

    Simulators of simple aircraft, even commercial passenger ones, provide a certain similarity with reality: very few forces exerted on the pilot in the cockpit, etc. But, acrobatic is another story: those accelerations that leave it stuck to the seat, the same laterally when you do a roll that violence in the seat, that forces exerted on the body of the pilot according to the acrobatic maneuver you perform; that position of the body in an inverted flight, etc., etc. Those sensations of the real flight, we will never feel them in the simulator. No matter how complex the motion platforms are.

    I will never feel those sensations, and I assure you that I want them, but I know that it is an impossible desire. This is what I would like to achieve, and much less important to me, are the visual aspects of the airplane and its modeling, if it has more or less switches in the cabin, etc. Well, that will always be my desire that I never feel satisfied; I understand, however, that other people value other characteristics of the airplane.

    What else would the Ipacs team want to provide us with everything we demand, give us complete satisfaction?.

    Of that I have no doubt, they know better than us the deficiencies of some models, and everything we demand, but simply, they can not do it.

    However, I am sure that they try to give us maximum satisfaction according to their abilities. They are a small team, and despite everything, I think we have the Sim. technically better developed and of better quality than all existing in the market.

    I have no doubt: The intention of Ipacs is to keep its users (customers), completely satisfied with their product. Among other reasons, because that guarantees success, both now and in the future, and in the future, a 'tornado' is approaching with great force on all current Sims in the market: Microsoft flight simulator 2020.

    Regards: Delfin