User Controls

  • Hi IPACS Team

    Would it be possible to have developer defined controls in the main menu. A separate tab would be fine

    These could be assigned in the TMD files and appear in the menu for users to bind too buttons or axis. A second throttle would also be helpful for helicopters.

    I have found in VR some hotspots are not clickable if they are too near to the point of view. In my case I have 2 engine start buttons but only one is clickable from the pilot view and I need to go to the co-pilot view to start the right engine. Having user defined buttons would help get around this



  • Yeah, where is that dual turbine helo?

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  • Hi Jan

    Everything is useable in non VR by mouse. Whilst in VR the sim has a tendency to pick what is behind as if there is a cutoff and it stops selection of things that are close to the view point.

    The throttles are fairly close to your head in a Lynx with the start buttons mounted in the end of these throttles. It's ok to select the far starter but the near one is impossible, its the same when I go to the co-pilots side. Selecting and moving the near throttle is very hit and miss, miss most of the time, but there is a secondary clickspot at the base of the throttle which does help.

    I noticed on the R22 the stick clickspots are along the length of the lever so will try to emulate this.


    My twin heli is right here on my computer, it's still to leave the ground but it's progressing. Modelling is complete it's mostly TMD stuff from here on in.