Additional helicopters in AFS2

  • AFS2 has a real gem that is the R22 (well maybe he has others but I'm focused on the helicopters) but it is the only helicopter which is available in the simulator. Would anyone know about the development of an additional helicopter for Aerofly?

    I'm pretty sure that I saw somewhere that a developer was thinking about porting one of his heli to AFS2.. it was not DreamFoil, maybe X-Trident or X-Rotors ? I can not find any infos on the web...

    And maybe IPACS itself has planned to add a new one in the medium or long term?

    Thanks, Vincent.

  • Well, if you want to pass me over some PSD files, i'll create some liveries for you ;)

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  • Hi Martin

    The Mark 7 Lynx comes in one livery Light Grey and Light Green, only thing's to change are reg number and perhaps a squadron badge. Mark one's are black and green but the model is a mark 7 due to the reversed tail rotor which was much needed.

    One day I may produce a naval variant, at which point the liveries are quite numerous so the paint kit will be available,


  • Hi Jan,

    You have deleted all the recent posts but can you please give some explanation ? I can easily understand there are some informations which cannot be posted on a public forum but please give a little bit of data to all fans of helicopters who have fallen in love with AFS2 ..

    Thanks, Vincent.

  • Hi Jan,

    You have deleted all the recent posts but can you please give some explanation ?

    You didn't do anything wrong but I needed to clean up part of the discussion that was containing information shared in a private conversation which wasn't meant for the public and the posts had two discussions going on a the same time and kept quoting themselves, which meant I would have to rewrite all your posts which felt worse than just deleting it. Sorry for that.