Issue when converting groups of 3D Buildings

  • My goal is to create and convert a larger cityscape with few TMB. files possible such as IPACS sceneries like outer areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.

    Sometimes conversions are successful, most times not successful.

    This issue has been around since I started AF2 and only ever occurs when I try converting multiple buildings. I would like to know if this issue comes from ModelConverterX or if it comes from the IPACS Content Converter?

    My conversions examples:

    Successful conversion.

    14 buildings, 5 textures, 1 TMB. file

    Unsuccessful Conversion

    8 Buildings, 5 textures, 1 TMB. file (Always gaps in between Wall and Roof)

    IPACS Miami Conversion:

    Multiple Buildings, Multiple Textures, Few TMB. files used? (Is IPACS using a better/different version of Content Converter?)

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello Jake,

    Are you using the same (photo-)texture/ material for the buildings and the roofs?

    My own experience:

    When using ModelConverterX and IPACS Content Converter the most important thing is to have no interruptions in the (photo-)texture used. It’s seems that both tools are calculating for each texture a separate center-point. On a flat ground usually it doesn’t matter (you have an overlay with other buildings on your picture then failing). Placing the same objects in the mountains doesn’t work at all, the level would be different. Converting multiple buildings at once, every texture-group of each building seems to have his own level.


  • Hi Chris, thankyou for some of your insight. Hopefully I can have Jeff or Jan chime in on an explanation, given some time.

    I am using the same textures as my successful and non successful examples.

    This issue goes back some time when even converting just a few buildings at once. It seems that the only successful work around with multiple textures is to convert only One or Two buildings at a time and give them a TMB file.

    Another work around is to only use two textures and it seems there is never a conversion problem with multiple buildings.

    So I would like to know what program is struggling and failing upon AF2 integration. ModelConverterX or IPACS Content Converter?


    Successful Conversion

    8 Buildings, 2 Textures, 1TMB

    📣Trying to create some glorious cultivation and something is failing here 📣 ^^

  • There are two things i noticed from my conversions, but these observations are not final. In FSX sceneries have mixed DDS DTX5 textures with alpha and BMP DXT1 texture with alpha. The fact of seeing BMP, does not mean it is a BMP without compression. These textures convert very bad. I convert these to DDS before any processing.

    Another issue i the too much shining. I tend to remove the alpha channel which leaves the surface appear less shiny. Not ideal but help.

    Ground texture tend tu flicker and not show up entirely. I have an explanation why they don‘t show up entirely. Actually the ground is not flat, this leads to the textures go underneath the surface. What is the reason for the flickering I haven‘t found out. I usually convert only the lines of the airport.

    Lights don‘t convert. They show in black squares or triangles. Haven‘t managed to convert lights.. The airports will not have lightning at night.

    one last thing i forgot. Make sure that all standard fs textures are in the scenery folder before conversion. I found that transparent roof and walls relate to the missing default textures. I copied these into the scenery texture folder, then it was OK.

    X-Plane 11.4x / DCS 2.5.5 / P3Dv4.5 HF2 / Aerofly FS 2

    Win10-x64 | ASUS Z270E | Intel i7-7700K @4.5GHz | Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4 | 6TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro | ASUS GTX 1080 ROG STRIX 8GB DDR5X | TM Hotas Warthog | Saitek Combat Pedals | Oculus Rift S

  • Hi Martin, thanks for sharing your observations. I always make sure to remove alphas to ensure proper conversion. Night lighting is no problem for me as well, it's just adds alot of extra time into modeling and converting but I think it's worth it when flying at night with a full Moon.

    I've found a strategic work around for tackling my problem. But it too requires what seems to be many unnecessary steps. When the original method from my first post keeps everything more organized and easier. Hopefully we can get an updated Content Converter in the future.