Brief comparion of Reverb and Pimax 5K+

  • I got a Reverb. The clarity is amazing, noticeably better than 5K+. Text is smooth and readable on Windows desktop. On 5K+ it’s readable but not smooth by comparison. Cons: the FOV is about the same as Oculus OG, and the black border (edge of screen) is easier to be seen on on Reverb if you move your head. If wearing glasses all the edges can be seen at all time, and it’s very immersion breaking. The reason why Reverb has such great clarity is because with their optical design all the pixels are used, but that leaves a negative side: the ugly border. Now with this we have more understanding about Pimax’s design philosophy, which is the opposite of HP: It wastes some of the pixels for us not to see the border! Beside Reverb and 5K+ there might be better design, but that might be more expensive. Or maybe we can have something between?

    Now there are more serious problems of Reverb: compared with 5K+ it’s uncomfortable. It has no IPD adjustment. I had a very hard time set it up as the controllers cannot be found as the bluetooth device. I have to borrow an external bluetooth dongle which worked on another people’s computer.

    The most dreaded problem, is the flickering of one screen after 5 minutes or so. The problem is widely reported on Reddit, and no definite solution has been found yet. Compared with the hardware problems of Reverb, 5K+/8K are like breeze.

    I will still keep the Reverb. The clarity is just…wow! It’s hard to get back, even with the small FOV, black border, and constant flickering. After my experience with Reverb, what I want to say to Pimax: clarity is really more important than FOV. 150 degree is quite enough, maybe even 130 degree.

  • Thanks for the link. I added a separtely powered PCI Express USB 3.0 card. It improves the situation, but the flickering still appears after an hour.

    And others have also reported similar cases even with a powered USB hub.

    I have requested a RMA, and I will see if a replacement can solved the problem.

    I really want this headset. I have never seen such clarity. It's really HD monitor class.