R-22 Door Functions

  • Any chance we can get a feature of taking the door off on the 22 as that’s how most people fly Robinson’s these days. I was thinking when you click the bolts it has an animations of it coming off or just dissapearing because to get the door off irl you pull it off the bolts. Also make it where you can open the air vent in the 22 and also there is a problem in the 22. It is so god damn hard to slow down. Irl it’s easy. I should know my father flies by one. But I’m this game it slows down quit slow and it kind of ruins the helicopter. Especially while landing. If possible these can be added within the update. I don’t think there’s to hard to add either but I’m no developer. Also i almost forgot the chromometer on the r22 should be digital in the beta II.