R22 Collective

  • That is intended behavior since the slider on the left actually controls the collective input, not the throttle of the helicopter and the flight info bar only shows the throttle input position only. So naturally your input and the displayed value for the throttle are disconnected. The actual throttle for the engine is adjusted by a governor but the flight info bar doesn't reflect that. The throttle adjustments done by the governor only keep the rotor RPM at a fixed value, the changes in altitude (to go up and down) are controlled with the blade angle via the collective input, which you can adjust with the slider on the left.

    The info is showing correctly but we should probably change the indication from throttle to collective to avoid confusion. The only time you need to see the throttle input for the R22 is when you started the engine and want to accelerate the rotor. The rest of the time you would expect to see the collective input instead of the throttle input.