Sudden stutter after a few minutes on notebook

  • Hello,

    since maybe 3-4 weeks I noticed that Aerofly 2 for Windows stutters after around 10-15 of flying. The framerate drops to maybe 1-2 fps. I play the simulator since months on the same notebook and it always worked great and smooth. Other games like Far Cry 1 or CS Source work fine for countless hours. OS is fully updated and Nvidia driver was not updated for a while.

    I tested Alpha/Beta and normal release editions and the issues was always the same. Reboots did not help, SSD is trimmed regularly. Is there a way to get a log from AF 2 for analysis ?

    System Specs:

    Lenovo T520, Core i7-2720, 16GB RAM, Intel SSD 545S, Nvidia NVS4200M 1GB

    Windows 2019 fully updated, Swap auto, but same issue with swap fixed to 16GB

    Nvidia driver 392.37

  • Thx, I do the log soon. I fly the A320 only. The stutter happens in any scenery, NYC, SF or in the middle of a desert airport. It happens if I setup the A320 properly with MCDU settings etc or if I just go full throttle without any settings done. I will crosstest with a 737 and report back.