Since Wednesdays update, generating repaints no longer creates the preview image

  • I have noticed that since Wednesdays update, when generating repaints using the standard Aerofly FS2 Aircraft Converter, no preview image is being generated. I have only tried this with the Q400 so far. does anyone have any ideas for a work around for this?

  • So it is,

    Having looked at this, I prefer not to look at this file, it's not nice , lots of errors and warnings=O

    narrow hull....what ever they are .... and

    is not a member of type....mainly the new modular engine stuff..perhaps new converter needed

    Ah well, more info for my elderly brain to digest :/

  • I am guessing that this is the part where the preview is being attempted to be created...

    9.16-tmcollision: checking previews

    9.16-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    9.18-convert_aircraft: create previews start

    9.19-convert_aircraft: create previews a

    9.19-convert_aircraft: create previews 0

    9.19-convert_aircraft: create previews 1

    9.20-tmscene: number of stars = 1572

    9.27-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    9.36-tmfile_properties: ERROR: (geometry 'objects/pointlight/pointlight_sphere.tmb' not found)

    9.37-tmfile_properties: ERROR: failed to load texture 'texture/sb_oc_color'

    9.41-tmscene: shadowmap = 4096x4096 sp=4

    9.41-tmfile_properties: ERROR: (wav loading (sound/crash-ground.tsb) not supported)

    9.42-tmfile_properties: ERROR: (wav loading (sound/crash-water.tsb) not supported)

    9.42-tmmodelmanager: model: (name='q400') (directory='C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\aircraft/q400/')

    9.42-tmimage: loading configfile 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\aircraft/q400//q400.tmc'

    9.43-tmcollision: contact points 3: (-0.953 -4.440 -2.064 r=0.304) (-0.953 4.440 -2.064 r=0.304) (12.858 -0.197 -1.761 r=0.280)

    9.47-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    9.58-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    9.68-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    9.79-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    9.90-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    10.00-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    10.11-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    10.22-convert_aircraft: waiting previews

    10.26-tmfile_properties: ERROR: (geometry 'objects/pilot_eric/pilot_eric.tmb' not found)

  • We have just updated the SDK Tools to make them compatible with Aerofly FS 2 Version

    Please uninstall the Aircraft Converter 'BEFORE' installing the latest version. The new version is now installed only for the current user and no longer requires elevated privileges.

    The DR400 has been updated as well and needs to be converted using the new Aircraft Converter to make it compatible with Aerofly FS 2 Version