How to hide an area?

  • Hello!

    I want to replace a city in an area created with AFS levels 9-13 (e.G. in OrbX Switzerland) with my own production of that city with AeroScenery with AFS levels 9-15.

    Since I can't get the OrbX color of the original city, I can't create only the missing AFS levels 14 and 15. It would be noticeable by changing the color when flying nearer to the city.

    Is there a possibility to create a mask or something like that for a part of an existing scenery, so that only a certain area would be "cut" out, which I could replace with my own production?



  • Hi Luca,

    As far as I know the only OrbX product for Switzerland are a free buidlings cultivation and Saanen Airport.

    From what you're writing I think you rather mean the ground photo textures from IPACS.

    I don't think you can add in a later phase a mask to an existing scenery (I should try this, never thought of it)...

    Unfortunately, there's still no clear concept of scenery loading/display priority in AFS2. The sim obviously takes resolution into account for setting higher priority to sceneries compiled with higher resolution, but there are also other aspects that are considered, as the structure in which the files are located.

    It appears the Swiss DLC gets a pretty high priority and it's sometimes difficult to get an even higher priority for your own scenery.

    What you can do is trial and error to achieve this higher level of priority, but keep in mind that a setting that works on computer A doesn't necessarily work the same on computer B - I faced this behaviour when patching the lake Geneva colour.

    If it doesn't work, you can try identifying and deactivating (i..e. renaming with an .ori extension) a conflicting tiles of the Swiss DLC to ensure yours will display... You can use AFS2 Grid Generator to identify the Tiles to deactivate.



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