Improved WMR VR Clarity with Windows 1903 and KB4507453

  • I didn't experience the loss of setting with the July 25 update, but it does look fuzzier. Here' s the config I have now.

  • Spit40,

    That isn't the latest default.vrsettings - the start of mine looks like:


    "driver_Holographic" : {


    "driver_Holographic_Experimental" : {

    // Motion reprojection doubles framerate through motion vector extrapolation

    // motionvector = force application to always run at half framerate with motion vector reprojection

    // auto = automatically use motion reprojection when the application can not maintain native framerate

    // "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto",

    "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector",

    // Automatic motion reprojection indicator to display the mode currently selected

    My SteamVR (beta) is 1.6.9 and I am running Win 10 1903 with several KB fixes including KB4505903 and KB4507453 (this latter one is the most important) and as I said, I run with 160% SteamVR SS and 1.3 to 1.5 RSF inside Aerofly FS2.

  • Mine didn't change after the update, but I just found that the quality setting via WMR Portal, Settings had reverted to default, so I put it on very high beta. No better !

    Shall we compare eye tests???

    i.e. Let's agree on a common plane and describe what cockpit things we can see without leaning forward with a scoring of, say

    1. Comfortably clear/readable
    2. Fuzzy but readable
    3. Not really readable but I know what it says and it looks like that
    4. Just fuzz

    Of course we'll need to report: Graphics card, FS2 render factor & Steam supersample & WMR Quality setting

  • In my situation Steam didn't download the new jul25 WMRforSteamVR with default.vrsettings (sans renderTargetScale), until I opted in to the WMRforSteamVR beta. I had only always been in SteamVr beta but never realized there was a beta checkbox for wmrfsvr. It seems to work much better.

    I also changed WMR setting from Very high (beta), to High. There were a lot of artifacts in very high and changing got rid of almost all of the sparkling swimming edges and harsh vegetation transparency issues I was having.

    I also currently have steam ss dialed back to100% and rsf at1.55 in fs2.

    Performance seems better with much lower frame times and clearer image.

    I'm also getting better performance with ogl vs vulcan. This is not my main rig but one just built with now blow out bargain amd 2700x and my old strix 1070.

    -- Rich

  • OK, y'all

    Here is my personal clarity test for AFS2. I like to use the Q400 at Monterrey 10R (not important for the clarity test but a great test for smoothness and minimal artifacts for very ( 200ft AGL) low passes by the runways and looking out the side window at airport buildings and aircraft ).

    The clarity test is to first look straight down and see just the front half of the seat (right over the notch ) to make sure you are at the pilot's eyepoint. It might seem a little close but look at the eyepoint locator on the center window frame. Check your PFD to see that the "zeroes" look "comfortably clear", and the larger font numbers on the center EICAS are "fuzzy, but readable" and then select the PERF page on the CDU and you should be just able to read your weight (e.g. 24821 ) which I can read "comfortably clear" (without leaning in ) if I push my Odyssey+ onto my face (when I look down it tends to pull away a little ). I up the RenderScaleFactor until I get these clarity results but then when I fly low passes back and forth over the Monterrey RWY 10, I can look sideways at the airport buildings and they don't stutter (this is with reprojection=motionvector ) - if they do, reduce RSF (I run at 1.3 to 1.5 )and maybe some other graphic settings (shadows??? - mine are set at "high"). When you get clarity and sidewindow smoothness, I am just really pleased. AFS2 is the only flight sim where that is easy to achieve due to it's impressive performance (>400fps in HD single monitor mode, not VR, at same condition - at the numbers for 10R )

    After you have done those adjustments, try the King Air C90 - those EFIS instruments should really be clear! I wish all the other glass cockpits were so readable.

    If others have their own clarity test, please post them. I realize there is an element of subjectiveness and Spit40's ideas are good. I have to allow for not having the same pixelized edge as a real monitor, but the readability of "comfortably clear" is a generally common notion. I used to have to guess a lot and lean a lot but the recent improvements have given me hope that even our "gen1.5" HMD's can be very useful. I do want more clarity but the other elements (comfort, price, reliabilty, vibrancy, tracking, etc... ) are also important. My system is a 5Ghz 9700K with an RTX2070.