RC 8 on Mac - Taranis - how to simulate all controls?

  • I've just loaded up RC 8 on my iMac Pro, plugged in an old RF4 Futaba Interlink Elite USB wired controller and have basic stick functions. So far, it is excellent in graphics, performance and realism/physics feel (to me anyway)

    I am now delving a little deeper into Controller configuration with a view to using my Taranis X9D models. I wonder if anyone has managed to take an existing FR Sky transmitter model setup and translate to RC 8 so that mixes, switches and knobs are simulated.

    (I was thinking mainly about a full house F5J simulated/translated by/to one of the RC 8 models)

    The Taranis works just fine with a regular USB cord but I have ordered a FR Sky wireless dongle too.

    Final question, is it possible to have multiple controllers setup and switchable to in RC 8.

    I hope I'll be able to answer some of the above myself when I have had more time on RC 8.

  • Nope - still stuck!

    I've gone into my radio and set up a model that has a switch mapped to Channel 5. I go into RC 8 and try to set this up on a controller. Scan for and find it. Re-configure - Operating the switch turns Button 12 blue and moves Y rotation. Now I'm not sure where to go - is there a model that has flaps that I can map my switch to? I click on the flaps bar and operating the switch moves it so I am getting somewhere I think.

    Any hints very welcome!

    SW Florida

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    Hi Patrick,

    in general you should not use any mixing programs inside your radio as this is usually done by Aerofly RC internally, but there are exceptions.

    If you use no mixing programs in your radio, please use the 'Easy Setup' to set up your transmitter:

    If you want to map a switch on your radio to a model function, e.g. gear or flaps for example, you can do this at the end of the 'Easy Setup'. Have a look at the manual at step 5 in the 'Easy Setup' how this works. You can try this for example with the 'Alpina 5001' model and assign your Channel 5 to the 'Flaps' function.

    If you want to use your radio and the mixing programs in the radio, for example to control the ailerons you need to load a modified version of the 'Alpina 5001' model. Open the load model menu and pick the 'Alpina 5001'. On the right side choose the model configuration 'Alpine 5001 (raw)'. This version now allows you to use the two channels of your aileron to control the ailerons. Again, we recommend this only for advanced pilots, the internal mixing programs in Aerofly RC are usually sufficient for most cases.

  • Hi there, a question

    I have RC8 installed on my Macbook Pro. I Use Futaba F8TG and an RF7 USB interface.

    When I start RC8 it recognizes the interface but when I go to configure it seems that there is no input from any of the Futaba channels.

    What am I doing wrong here??