Turbo Arrow III & IV announced for next week at Just Flight

  • Planned to buy it, planned to not buy it, now plan to wait until the first reviews are out. Specially because I was disappointed with the Duchess (which I uninstalled in the end). I know this one is made by someone else so I have good hopes but once bitten...

  • Why did you uninstall the Duchess Flamingpie? I haven’t got it yet as I already had it on PC and iOS mobile FS/FS1. Was there anything specific that let you down?

    I couldn't stand the sound which just doesn't seem right. In flight you only seem to have two sounds at a fixed pitch: one you hear below a certain throttle setting, the other you hear above that setting and in between they are faded in and out into each other. There is no change in pitch no matter what and it just sounds wrong. I think it's awful and very distracting.

    Another thing: the plane doesn't show highlights (from the sunlight) as the default planes do: it looks rather flat and FSX/P3D-like due to the lack of graphical features that the default planes have. Seems not all possible texture maps have been added to the plane. (The dev of the Arrow said he has added all possible texture maps!)

    And I found it really very hard to trim the plane. It also pulls left and/or right all the time. When it comes to hand flying the plane I can't remember flying a worse plane (in FSX, P3D or AFS2).

    All in all I didn't like and enjoy it. The latest update did improve on some very obvious errors and bugs but not on the above problems so... hence I uninstalled it.

    I have to add I only bought the Duchess because it was the first add on plane for AFS2... I never would have bought this plane for P3D or any other sim. The Arrow however I like and I really hope it will be good in AFS2. It's made by another developer, Just Flight is just the distributor, so there is hope.