Ortho creation issues

  • After my other thread about mesh building I open a new thread for the aerial images (for sure I'll open another one for the overlays/objects).

    First I have not yet had the opportunity to do so I congratulate and thank Nick for his Aeroscenery, that's a very nice software ! :thumbup:

    In fact my issues are not really concerning Aeroscenery but Geoconvert which is is so slow on my computer: it takes more than 2 days for building a single tile of level 12 ! My computer is a bit old (Core i5-4590@3.3 GHz) but I guess it is NOT normal, right ?

    And even more annoying: it freezes very often! The CPU stays high and stable, indefinitely. When it occurs at 94% of completion after monopolizing my CPU for 48 hours it does not please at all ||

    Note that I've never seen a such freeze when Geoconvert is building meshes but in that case the process is much shorter.

  • Thanks for the kind words on AeroScenery. 8)

    GeoConvert is a temperamental bit of software. A single level 12 / zoom level 18 tile should build in a few minutes at most.

    As you have noticed GeoConvert will often freeze while still taking up full CPU. Another issue is that it will process the same tile over and over in a loop, indefinitely without telling the user.

    What I've found is that any user input to Windows generally seems to cause this or make it more likely to happen. Particuarly moving the GeoCovnert window, minimising it etc.

    Try starting the AeroScenery / GeoConvert process and not touching your keyboard or mouse and see if finishes in a sensible amount of time.

    Make sure you have the latest SDK (June 2019).

    These issues have been reported to IPACS. I hope they find the time to improve GeoConvert at some point.

  • Thanks for your advice.

    It sound a bit crazy to have a software being such sensible to user input. This kind of software should not even have a GUI !

    The SDK I've downloaded in June was not the latest one so I've installed it but sadly the result is the same.

    I did not move a finger, I even blocked my breathing, but nothing works, it's always extremely slow :(