Difficulties with new hard drive

  • I recently got a new hard drive. When I computer techie installed it he moved steam to the new drive. I tried to start afs2 from the steam app and nothing happened. I tried the .exe file in the common/afs2 folder and nothing happened. Afs2 isn’t listed in my app list so I can’t uninstall / reinstall. I can’t find any link in steam to just install onto the new c drive. I play from the steam app but I use oculus vr. When I try to start afs2 in the above ways a pop up comes up but disappears before I can read it. Any thoughts?

  • I think I’ve found the problem: I have 2 steam accounts. I don’t remember how that happened. I logged in on the other account and Aerofly started fine, though I haven’t actually tried to run it. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and also see about getting those steam accounts merged. Thanks for your input!