Unable to select aircraft

  • I have just done a complete clean reinstal of Steam and AF2.

    Main menu come up OK, and all functions work EXCEPT " aircraft".

    As I move the cursor near the aircraft box , the white (normal) arrow stops and a mouse cursor arrow appears; clicking the mouse cursor arrow in the aircraft box does nothing!

    Setting up a route is fine, and ! can fly it in the 172, but I want to fly the 320!

    Any thoughts?

    System is Intel 4960, GTX 970, windows 10 and all up to date.

  • Thanks!

    What happens if you disconnect all external controllers?

    There have been users that reported issues with x-box controllers plugged in, maybe this is the reason here, too?

    skipping possible duplicate controller 'Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)'

    Can you also run a steam game file integrity check? Maybe some files are missing.

    And last thing you can try is delete your main.mcf and gc-map.mcf from your user documents/Aerofly FS 2/ folder to reset all settings.

  • It does not cras! I just cant select an aircraft!

    I have just done a flight in the 172, as that is all I can use; log attached.


    OK, so you can't cycle through the aircraft? This appears to be more of a controller/mouse/keyboard issue then.

    What are you using as a device in Aerofly?

    Try to delete the gc-map.mcf file located in your documents\Aerofly root folder and see if that corrects your problem.

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  • I am using a generic keyboard (badly!) using a usb to ps2 adapter and a usb kensington trackball.

    I will shut down in a minute and go to a conventional mouse and direct connect the keyboard.



  • It looks like there is something over the Aerofly FS window or the Aerofly FS window has no real focus. At least it looks like from what you described in your first posting with the mouse cursors. Double check that Aerofly FS window has focus and ensure no other application is running.

  • Hi

    now using direct usb keyboard and microsoft IR mouse, and deleted file as suggested.

    I have a video of the cursor behavior which I will attach when I can reduce its size!.




    other than task manager, nothing else is running.

    the second arrow only appears in the "aircraft" box

    Still working on video

    Can you send me an email address I can send a 4Mb file to.

    My address is"peter.j.wilby@gmail.com"



    Some success!

    Have reloaded trackball driver, and now the problem is intermittent.

    Having got into aircraft I can now select as normal

    Many thanks for your assistance



  • Hi to all,

    I have the same problem, I can´t select the Aircraft folder like discribed in the first topic. All other buttons are working normal.

    Still trying to solve the problem.

    Any other ideas?

  • Hi

    I have just restarted my computer and done a short flight in the 320; log file attached.

    Selection of aircraft still spasmodic.

    Hope this helps.