Still in Search of Perfection, LYNX Mk7 update

  • Just an update for all you heli fans out there.

    She fly's, not well yet but she fly's. Bit of a handful at times. Rotor RPM drops off so I need to find a way to keep this more constant.

    Able to perform a start in the correct manner. Lynx is a bit weird in that respect as we start in something called Accessory Drive (Acc Drive) and then eventually switch to Main Drive. Electrics and hydraulic packs are driven by the main gearbox accessory drive train (rotors not turning), left engine does this through Acc drive switch until main rotors are up to speed, at which point and following some rules we engage main drive and these packs are then driven by the main gearbox from either engine.

    If I abuse the engines during start, ie accelerate too fast the sim reloads the heli, the real Lynx had a similar problem where the engines would surge so this is fairly accurate. Also simulated the Speed Select Lever (rotors go from 100% to 107% NR) and torque matching the engines

    Electrics and fuel systems modelled with magnetic indicators to indicate flow pattern, just like the real thing.

    All in all it's progressing, bit too slow at times but there isn't a lot to compare it too, of course Jetpack has been invaluable.

    AFCS (Automated Flying Control System) next on the list, no idea how to do that one yet but all part of the fun.


  • Congratulations for bringing the Lynx into the virtual skies!

    I think, it's always something special when an own creation flies the first time. I'm always getting a little boy who has endless fun with his new toy. I'm even doing it meanwhile in VR, what gives it an extra thrill :D


  • Hi Heli fans

    Just a quick update after a short break for a holiday, yes it was hell ;)8)

    Now have all doors animated, most of the interior lighting done, still need to add extra lighting for the TANS (Tatical Air Navigation System) buttons to work with key presses. TANS will be a very big headache as its all lat and long based.. Oh yeah the best bit, we have working window wipers, multi speed ooohhh, just need some IPACS rain..:D. Corrected AC and DC gens magnetic indicators plus load_shedding.

    Presently struggling with a rotor governor, when things go bad it climbs faster than a Saturn 5. Need to add some heading hold function plus an auto correct for collective pitch to tail pitch.

    All in all, still lots more to do and I plod on


  • Wow Steve. Amazing work. So looking forward to this. My good friend, now deceased, was a Lynx pilot. AAC. Awarded the DFC whilst posted to Northern Ireland in and around 1993. Spent many a happy hour in Lynx helo’s.

    Former Paratrooper myself.

    If you need beta testers please place me on your list.

  • Hi everyone, quick update

    As always, work progresses, very slowly and very frustrating but it progresses.

    FS2 doesn't have a Flight Control System or Autopilot for helicopters so I had to build one, well, I say I, not true, Jetpack came up with all the pieces and I assembled them, tested them, got very confused but gradually got there,,,,,, mostly.

    The Lynx now has a FCS, cyclic trim, heading hold and barometric altitude hold. No it's not a Autopilot, think of it as more of an aid. The Lynx flies quite well if you treat it right, get a bit ham fisted and it behaves like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. It's also very unpredictable. Guess all that applies to my other half too. It can perform a stable hover, at any height, whilst holding that height and direction with minor cyclic trim adjustments. Can you leave it whilst you nip off to make a coffee,,,errr,,,nope. It will gradually loose its balance. Perhaps a less coarse trim might help but then it would take forever to trim it so it's a flight simmers favourite word, compromise.

    So what's left. Get the ADF to work....groan. Finish up the 2 pilots and the passenger. Write the documentation, add a few items to the TMD and there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    Sounds simple enough but if there is one thing I have learned with FS2, nothing is ever simple.

    Unfortunately, the TANS (Tactical Air Navigation System) is well beyond my present TMD skills and I am not even sure FS2 supports Lat and Long navigation so I will not be implementing this. I could delay for a year or so to see if I could but it's not worth the wait in my opinion. In truth, we very rarely used the TANS as it was pretty useless.

    As we all know, FS2 allows cold and dark (sometimes), ready to go and in-flight starts. The FS2 gods would like this to be common. The way I designed the Lynx is to be as accurate as I can make it, quite a lot of the time it's too accurate, so to this end, its built with cold and dark in mind, as without it I feel you miss all the knowledge of why things happen or more to the point, why things are not happening. I can butcher the Lynx to get a sort of ready to go but then we loose the cold and dark all together. So do I defy the gods or what. Your thoughts on a post card please Ladies and Gentlemen


    And one more thing for the list to keep Jeff happy, VR hands support. Never used or own VR hands so best I order some and see how they work

    Edit...Just added engine failure on zero fuel =O so don't run out ;)

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  • Buy !!!!! you mean I can sell it =O............Nope it will be free as always. That way if you don't like it you can't complain ;)

    So you don't want to read the manual !!!!! Good luck getting the Lynx going then... Acc drive or Main drive ??? What's that I hear.... When you read the manual you will know why it starts in one and flies in the other plus the dance you have to go through to get from one to the other.

    My Lynx is as accurate as I can get it at the moment ( usual T's and C's apply) and that includes most of the systems.....Engines won't start, read the manual....Engines fail but still have fuel, read the manual...Fly's like a bag of S**t, that could be down to me or most likely, read the manual....Can't close the doors,'s in the manual.. Nav needle doesn't move, guess what ?

    To be blunt, I spend 6 months building a Lynx and you can't spend a few minutes reading a manual, does make me wonder why we bother..:/ Best not crash it then as there will be no quick fly mode either ;( so it's back to the beginning and that's where I get my revenge for NOT READING THE MANUAL :D:D:D