Still in Search of Perfection, LYNX Mk7 update

  • I must admit though, personally, I prefer to watch an owners YouTube video. Much better imo than reading the manual.

    I fully agree, but having a manual too is necessary for those that would like to dip into the machine for specifics.

    Cheers, Ed

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  • Hi Lynx fans

    OK here's a bit of bad news...I found a major bug..and I mean a major one. :(

    Lynx works great but only if I load it at an airfield which is below 100ft, anything above that, the screen goes black and FS2 seems to freeze until I press ESC. Not ideal as I'm sure you will all agree.

    So why didn't I find this out before I hear some ask. Well, all my testing has been done at EGGP, yep below 100ft. I can fly to EGNM 700ft, land there and all ok. If I try to start at EGNM I get the error. I only found this out as I thought a nice photo shoot of the Lynx at EGNM was needed.

    I have reached out to Obi Jan who replied that these kind of black screens happen if something in the physics 'explodes', the flight info also shows some infinite numbers, which is not a good sign. I'm thinking it may be something to do with the transmission system I developed as I have a homemade actuated freewheel. I know FS2 doesn't seem to like this but it's the only way to achieve correct starting for large multi engine helicopters.

    I will try to track down the error and hopefully work towards a fix.


  • Yep they are complicated but the biggest problem by far to a sole developer is we become a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

    Modeller, texture artist, sound engineer, aerodynamicist, systems analyst, computer programmer, tea boy and general dogs body.

    Or in others words, we spread ourselves too thin, which I guess leads me into another point.

    Where should we focus our model detail ?

    Super detailed exterior model and basic cockpit or

    Super detailed cockpit and basic exterior model

    We can't really have both and keep the frame rates high, so which is more important ?

    Edit..missed one........thermodynamicist

  • I can feel your pain, as a single developer for one aircraft one have to be good in all branches. That's simply impossible sometimes one have to make compromises.

    For the TMD's it's a do, undo, redo for hours. I usually reload the aircraft after each block I write just in case I have forgotten a comma, but there are always unexpected errors like yours.


  • I think for most is Super detailed cockpit and basic exterior model better,

    because this is a flight sim, not a RC-Sim ... most (real) pilots see her planes from inside when they use it :) :)

    Aerofly is one of the best VR Flight Sims how its looks from outside ...who cares ?

  • Thanks to those who have contributed. After a very quick experiment whilst my TMD brain cools down I ended up with something that looks exactly the same from the inside but radically different from the outside. I removed everything we don't need or see . As it was only a quick experiment I could probably have reduced the poly count by another 30,000.

    Lynx as it stand now is 417,348 polygons

    Cockpit only view Lynx 332,678 polygons ( would be less if I really tried)

    Whilst this may seem I could add 120,000 polys to the cockpit would the sim actually suffer as it needs to render those extra poly's. Perhaps only the professors can answer that one

    I guess this mainly effects helicopters to be honest as tail hub and blades, main hub and blades add quite a lot of polygons, whilst a 2 bladed head and tail are ok as we go for larger helicopters the poly count rises quite a bit, a 7 bladed main rotor is nearly 4 times the amount.

    Thanks again to all who contributed

    I leave you with my stripped down Lynx


  • A little is always good, and a little more might also be good, but a little more might be too much. How are the sounds? I guess a Lynx doesn’t go wop, wop, wop like a Huey.

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  • The only sound when sat in a Lynx is the gearbox whine, which is extremely LOUD and boy does it whine...It's only when you stop you realise just how much the radios were turned up just so you could hear them, no wonder I suffer from tinnitus :rolleyes: