Still in Search of Perfection, LYNX Mk7 update

  • I am getting so bored with AFs2, why a 777 , why another jet to fly nowhere.

    Why is there no support for Larry Lynx and his turbine which we badly need.

    I am only not uninstalling Fs2 as I am hoping for the Lynx as far as I am concerned this sim is at a dead end unless Larry gets some support from AF2 developers, please no more fixed wing just get on with making some decent scenery and life.

  • The B777 project was finished because we had already but in the work to create the 3d model and because we had literally thousands of users asking for it.

    You are obviously not reading the many private messages that Steve and I are exchanging (how could you) so how can you judge how much support we are providing him. You're looking at it from the outside where you can't see the support that is going on.

    Regarding a turbine helicopter: we are hearing your requests and we are happy to hear that the first helicopter spiked your interest for more helicopters.