Mouse scroll wheel and zoom (again): please disable it!

  • This has been posted before but PLEASE add the option to disable the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out...! Not a flight goes by that I screw up my zoom while turning a knob or switch. Very annoying. Specially since there is no way to get your default zoom (as saved in the cfg) back again (exactly) while flying. I have to edit the cfg every time to get that done. This 'feature' has been added with the latest update but I really want to get rid of it. :thumbdown: Very odd option in a game in which you use the scroll wheel that often.

  • You can just double click to reset the zoom and using the z and shift+z keys you can set that up once and then return to that each time you double click.

    Doesn't work like that here. Double click only works when I start the sim and don't zoom in (with Z, shift-Z or the scroll wheel) but then I returns to the default zoom as it was when I installed AFS2. I use another default zoom and that one can't be restored within the game. As soon as I use Z, shift-Z or the scroll wheel double clicking does nothing at all anymore. Might this have something to do with me using TrackIR...? Anyway, I don't understand why I can't disable the scroll wheel zoom option. It's not needed and annoying.

  • Hm, maybe TrackIR is creating a conflict here, we'll investigate.

    It is intended to work like this: you set up your zoom with the zoom keys once. Then you can just double click to return to that default zoom.

    Sounds good so hopefully you can make it work for me too. ;)