Condition of the aircraft 'cold and dark'

  • Hello fellow members of the Forum:

    Today I am going to tell you something that, more than one, can cause you to laugh; and, to me ... honestly, I almost feel embarrassed to raise this term at this point, this qualifier that I have seen almost from the beginning in this Forum and that I never dared to ask, hoping that someone sooner or later would clarify it, but until now it has not been like that.

    It is really curious this qualifier because I have been flying between planes very intensely, since 1995 and never in any social gathering or discussion has this qualifier emerged in the conversation or discussion. And it is curious, because I know that my language is very rich in qualifiers. Of course, I've tried it on Google, but Google when it comes to technical jargon, they still have to evolve a lot. However, it is clear that there must be an equivalent qualifying adjective. What is that adjective ?.

    Well, then ... less literature and let's get down to business. What is the term or qualifier that I want to clarify ?. This: what is the meaning referred to the condition of the aircraft "
    cold and dark"?

    Regards: Delfin

  • Exactly, engines cold (not running) and cockpit dark (as in no electric power applied).

    When we write the aircraft systems are capable of reaching the cold and dark status that means you can turn off the engine and electronics and then power up the aircraft, hopefully by just following the regular aircraft operating handbook.

  • My description would be: cold and dark is how you should leave your plane for the night: absolutely everything should be shut down and set up according to the handbook. Engines off, avionics off, lights off, battery off, doors closed, chocks set, pitot covered, etc. etc. etc.

  • My God, it is seen that languages have really amazing concepts. 'Cold and dark' to describe a certain situation or condition of the aircraft.

    Five colleagues have responded; and in addition, each one complements what was said by the previous ones;

    Unlikely Spider, Jan, Keventions, pmb (Michael) and Flamingpie

    I am very grateful. I assure you that the concept has been very, very clear

    Thank you very much: Delfin