Extra Introduces New NG Aerobatic Aircraft

  • July 23, 2019

    Aerobatic airplanes aren’t exactly known for comfort, at least models meant for world-class competition. At AirVenture on Monday, however, Extra Aircraft rolled out its newest model that’s supposed to be both a step up in performance and cradles the pilot in a luxurious seat in front of avionics not common in older aerobats.

    “What differentiates this airplane from the others is that it’s just another step forward. We have more performance, we have more maneuverability. It’s a huge leap forward in terms of comfort. I’ve never been in a cockpit close to this, at least when it comes to aerobatic airplanes,” said Walter Extra, following the unveiling of the Extra NG on Monday.

    “I was reluctant to do a composite fuselage for a long time because I really appreciate the behavior of tubular fuselages when they are exposed to partial overload. You have redundant safety in tubular structures and that’s very important to me,” Extra said. The NG is equipped with a rigid full-carbon fuselage structure and a carbon fiber wing assembly with integral fuel tanks. In front of a titanium firewall, it has a 315-HP Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A swinging a Muhbauer three-blade composite prop. Extra declined to discuss the details of how carbon fiber was used in the NG because he has filed from a patent on the methods used.

    The carbon fiber fuselage directly impacted cabin comfort. “Since there’s no more tubular structure inhibiting your elbow clearance, we have gained a lot of room. It’s much more roomy. I think the front seat comfort comes close to the comfort you were used to in the rear seat,” Extra added.

    The NG will be on display at the International Aerobatic Center just off Boeing Plaza throughout the week and representatives will be available to talk about it.

  • The FS 2 Extra is used heavily in my case. :)

    A tubular frame splits energy load and depending on the structure you can implement redundancy this way.

    But carbon frames are the future. It is just lighter than steal. And weight reduction is everything in an aerobatic plane.

    Xtreme Air was the first in aerobatics doing this and I got to sit in both planes. The XA had much more space. So Extra will be the same now.

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower

  • Well I got rolls and spins in on a Cessna Aerobat, almost the same :-)

    I think the only things the Aerobat and the Extra have in common is, well, nothing actually. I learned basic acrobatics in a Cessna 150, but I think the instructor called it “unusual attitude recovery”. 🤪