Just Flight Cessna 152 Now Available

  • Not my cup of tea so I'll pass but it looks nice and it's good to see more and more aircraft coming to AFS2! I do like the 'Ground equipment including chocks and tie-downs' and 'Functional control lock and removable ignition key for an immersive start-up experience': maybe something for the Arrow in the near future...? ;)

  • Great news. We've waited a long time for this, but we're finally getting a stream of 3rd party aircraft. JF must have developed some technologies to start to streamline their conversions, and the level of functionality should only improve. Its nice to see innovation on things like the tie downs, though I find the mechanism a bit unsatisfying in the Duchess. You're not sure if you've clicked the "on" or "off" text properly and have to cycle through some viewpoints to confirm. As a VR flyer only, we need to borrow some of the movement/motion techniques from the VR gaming to be able to do walk arounds.

  • JF must have developed some technologies to start to streamline their conversions, and the level of functionality should only improve.

    I am not sure if it is Just Flight that has developed some technologies because afaik all three available aircraft have been developed by different people/teams. And hence the quality and also support is different. kai503, member of this forum, has done the best job by far so far (imho) and he also is quick with replies and support: the Arrow is a lot better than the Duchess 'out of the box' already and it took the devs of the Duchess a long time before a patch was released (as a new full installer) and it didn't solve all problems. The Arrow might be getting a quick fix this week already...!

    The problems with this approach (releasing aircraft from various developers) is that you might not get what you expect and that can be a positive or a negative thing: I seriously didn't buy the Arrow at first because I was so disappointed by the Duchess...! If it hadn't been for kai503's posts over here I might still not have bought it. So when I bought it after all it was a very positive surprise. However, if I had bought the Arrow first I would have instantly bought the Duchess, thinking I would get similar quality, but that would have been a disappointment.

    You can't compare Just Flight's fleet with for instance A2A's fleet: A2A's aircraft are created by the same team and all have the same quality. You can't say that about Just Flight's planes. But well, as I said elsewhere already, it's great to have more and more options to choose from. ;)

  • Is there something funny about the spinner graphics? The starter ring on the crankshaft is a nice touch and there seems a good nod towards the wonderful Cessna internal mechanism Fowler flaps which enormously impressed me in my student PPL days. I’m not a fan of external trimmings such as chocks or pitot tube covers but an occasional new birds nest on top of the cylinders would be quite acceptable. I’m getting a sweet memory back of the foot hold on the landing gear leg and of course individual doors, a luxury once Cherokee types were encountered. The air vents in the leading edge wing roots hopefully fall out if opened too much. I hope it creaks and groans.

    I think I’ll give it a go, looking forward (?) to a realistic 550 fpm climb with two on board a dear tired old flying school plane.

  • Any impressions? Is there enough substance over the default C172 to make it worth $42?

    Well, it's a Cessna with the GNS 430 integrated, there's that to like about it.

    Texture, model and systems work looks very good (I haven't bought it yet).

    I've always felt that the generic GPS "thing" in the default IPACS planes made the simulation feel more like a casual flight game.

    Great to see planes that look the part.

    It'll take IPACS to do a rework or alternative version of the C172 with the Garmins as the knobs are part of the 3D model.

  • How does it compare to the free C152 that was released recently? $40 is a bit hard to swallow for such a simple airplane

    My opinion is that I am with you from the point of view of comparing it with the freeware C152 to decide whether or not to buy it, but less so on the cost aspect. I think the developer put a lot of hours into this creation so deserves $40 if you decide to buy the plane. :)

  • I am happy for the C152, but would also like to see a beaver. Waiting for it to arrive on Steam.

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