AeroScenery Beta Releases

  • Hello Nick,

    I read this in another thread. I was not aware that FSET returns sharper images than AeroScenery. Is it possible to bump your AutoScenery up to the same level as FSET?

    "FSET makes sharper images then Aeroscenery.

    The reason is, FSET uses a different access to the Google database, which is one step higher resolved"

  • The reason is, FSET uses a different access to the Google database, which is one step higher resolved"

    Hmm. AeroScenery gets whatever zoom level you tell it to from Google.

    If someone wants "one step higher", they should use a step higher :)

    Maybe I'm missing something?

    It's possible that different Google servers are being used by FSET, which could lead to a difference in output.

    I use the same servers used by Google Maps though, which I would imagine serve the latest imagery.

    Saying all that, the Google url is editable in the AeroScenery config if anyone wants to experiment with it.

  • Thanks Nick. maybe one our scenery gurus will look into this and make a comparison. I am always looking for a "little sharper image". 8o

  • This is the current working configs for Google in FSET.

    [Service2] #Google Maps

    ServiceName = GE

    ServiceCodeing = qrts

    ServiceUrl =

    Referer =

    UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0

    ServerVariations = khm0,khm1,khm2,khm3

    As far as I see, it's the same images. If you're looking for a sharper image, it can be adjusted in AeroScenery settings.

  • # ---- General, applied on whole Texture---

    GeneralLighteness = 1.0 # A factor, this is a Pixel color value multiplicator.

    GeneralBrightness = 0.0 #[in percent] Brighness is best set to BrighnessValue = - 0.5 * ContrastValue;

    GeneralContrast = 0.0 #[in percent] note that FSEarthTiles ini also has an independent Brightness and Contrast correction

    GeneralColoringRed = 0 #[unbroken numbers only] PixelColor Value additon for Red

    GeneralColoringGreen = 0 #[unbroken numbers only] PixelColor Value additon for Green

    GeneralColoringBlue = 0 #[unbroken numbers only] PixelColor Value additon for Blue

    The above is lifted from the FSET ini folder, it may shed some light on the differences in download image quality?

  • Hello Nick - Thanks to your Aeroscenery tool, I have been happily making scenery for NZ using the 1.1.3 beta version. Unfortunately, the Linz Data Service is being de-commissioned and will be replaced by the LINZ Basemaps Service. This is from the email LINZ sent me:

    "What you need to do

    Explore the LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap, open the menu and open the WMTS or XYZ tile URL (your 90-day API key is included in the URL) or follow the Contact Us link to request an unlimited Developer API key.

    Then create a new connection or replace the LDS tile services URL in your software using the LINZ Basemaps tile services WMTS or XYZ URL. For more details, see the specifications of the LINZ Basemaps service.

    Tip: Make sure you replace the entire tile services URL, including the embedded API key. LDS and the LINZ Basemaps service are managed separately, meaning you cannot use your LDS API key in LINZ Basemaps APIs or vice versa."

    So I had a look under the bonnet but my coding skills date from the last century, and I couldn't get a result. Could you please, when you have some time from your paying job, add the new service to your Aeroscenery ?

    Technical info here:…nz-basemaps-documentation

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give.