How to update Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator DLC Version 2.0.5 (20171102)?

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I bought Aerofly FS 2 in the online shop of Aerosoft. What I got downloaded was the DVD Version 2.0.5 (20171102).

    Also I downloaded the updater "aerofly_fs_2_update_v2040729.exe". But when I run the updater, and I tried everything, I get to see:

    "Unable to locate Aerofly FS 2. Please reinstall the program from the original DVD."

    So, I'm missing for the moment latest improvements and I don't have the R22 helicopter at all. I just want to fly the helicopter(s).

    I didn't choose for Steam because I never did for my other flight simulators.

    For me it was better if the DLC was already up to date instead of applying a patch file afterwards which didn't work out for me!

    Who knows the solution? I can not imagine I'm the first and I certainly tried several ways to reinstall.

    Happy Sunday!

  • Do you have Aerofly installed on a remote drive or cloud?

    Also, you need to activate Aerofly FS2 by following the instructions on our SUPPORT PAGE

    You can also get the latest updates there as well.

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  • Thanks for your reply!

    I solved the update process just some time earlier.

    From DVD version 2.0.5 (20171102) you have to install first to version 2.04.0715 (20190619) by aerofly_fs_2_update_v2040715.exe and not use aerofly_fs_2_update_v2040729.exe (20190723) because that one (the latest for now) won't locate the Aerofly FS 2 install directly after DVD (DLC) install.

    Why won't Aerosoft let you download directly a DLC to the latest version? (And not by patches) Make it easier for your customers!

    I had to stay in my virtual airport for a night (hotel overbooked) because my Robinson R22 was delayed!

    Happy Flying!