Aerofly FS2 Flight Sim finally elevated to Front Page at

  • Getting tired to scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to find the Aerofly FS2 forum page at and not finding it. No more, Aerofly FS2 has been elevated to a higher and more respected level as of today. The official IPACS logo will be applied in a day or so. Thanks to Chuck Jodry for presenting our case to the Avsim Forum committee and explaining that we consider ourselves in the same ball park as the other big boys - Prepard3D and X-plane11. Fortunately, the board approved an elevated status and the correct name (FS2).

    Avsim has a readership that is somewhere north of 100,000 so it might be a good idea to posts important FS2 notices over there.



  • I asked a long time ago for that to happen, and was given a solid no, that the Sim wasn't mature enough.

    This begin to seem more and more strange as twice since then, Sims that were not even actual purchasable products were immediately given thier own prominent forums.

    I mentioned that point, even got into one weirdly feisty battle with a mod, and didn't pursue it after that since it seemed obvious that for whatever reason that idea was a non-starter.

    I'm really glad Aerofly has finally been taken out of the basement and brought into the sun.

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  • I know. It was one of those brush offs that really pi$$ed me off a couple of weeks ago. I was chatting with one of the board members about something else and I asked if there was something we could do to get the forum out of the basement. I’m guessing the fact that Just Flight was building models for AFS2 and Avsim had recently posted the JF Duchess 76 review and I asked all about the same time that the request made it to an action committee. The board member followed up and sponsored our request. That was the difference.

    I was told that Avsim now has 158,000 members and growing at 500 new members each week. Amazing.