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  • What happens when you sort your documents\Aerofly FS2\aircraft folder? The Aerofly FS 2 Simulator\aircraft are already sorted alphabetically.

    I have 84 aircraft and they are generally sorted from A to Z. The ones that appear out of order really aren't as there is something in the name that is being sorted. For instance, the Aermacchi MB-339 comes out with the eMs rather than the Ae. and the Ag-Cat comes out with the Gs for Grumman. My Bugatti Veyron appears with the Vs so other than a few odd instances they are alphabetical.

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  • They are already sorted alphabetically but the list first includes the default aircraft and then the user aircraft. I think it's sorted by folder name not by the aircraft description name.

    So the list is

    A-Z default aircraft folders

    + A-Z user aircraft

    Yes, both lists are sorted by the folders name.

    If everyone would adhere to a common rule, this would also be unproblematic, but if the description is

    - on the one hand „Boeing 787-800“ and

    - on the other hand „787-800l

    then the order of the displayed names is not identical to the listed order.

    To remedy this, you could adjust all this manually, but then some of the updates no longer work or you have to adjust the names after each update again. That is too much effort for me.

    I would also like it if you could form groups of airplanes, e.g. glider pilots, motor pilots, helicopters, etc.

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