How can I get rid of trees in the default scenery?

  • Hi,

    I created a model and placed it at the proper Location within the Default scenery of Aerofly in San Francisco. Unfortunately there are trees where there shouldn´t be any, and those trees stick out of my model. Is there any way to get rid of those trees in the Default scenery?



  • Vegetation folder is what you're looking for. Example: Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\scenery\vegetation

    By doing this you lose alot of trees. Otherwise there is no specifically editing IPAC .ttc files since they are encrypted.

    I use AeroScenery level 10 to check which grid I need to remove since it's very fast and easy.

  • The grid in your Screenshot shows the area I'm speaking of. It's sad that there is no other way around this than deleting all vegetation in such a huge area just to get rid of maybe three or four intruding trees. To be honest I'm a little frustrated, I spend some hours modeling an though the result is far from perfect I think it's a decent model for a beginner. Now I can't really use it in the simulator without massive negative impact on the rest of the scenery. In FSX and P3D you could draw an exclude polygon in SBuilder X within seconds and by that clear the area of any other vegetation or building that might get in the way of your own buildings. I guess in the future I'll only create content for areas that don't have any default scenery to begin with to avoid conflicts like this.

  • I 100% agree with you Fabs. Everything in AF2 files is encrypted making it hard to customize the little things. This method IPACS uses also compresses the toc files down to a smaller size, saving alot of room. Have you used the Photo detect trees method? That would be your best bet. You could probably get the Grid area covered and edited within a day or two (yes I know that long) then fine tune edit your trees in Nabeel's scenery editor.

    I might be able to help you with the trees because I too edited San Francisco awhile ago. ( I find myself saying this in alot of peoples posts but it's true :D)

    I went the Detect Trees From Photo method and I even edited out all the main problem areas. Unfortunately I deleted the TOC file when I reinstalled AF2.

    But I still do have the work folder I made! 8)

    This helps ScenProc not place any trees in the blue areas.

    Working Folder

    If you know how to use Detect Trees Through Photos, then I can send these to you. I unfortunately cannot help you since I have a few personal projects that I really would like to get done.

    Or perhaps some other wonderful fellow Aerofly user can take over and convert the area making it better? Community Project???

    Here are the three main work folders covering Map_10_28c0_9d00 area.

    North San Fran

    Mid San Fran

    South San Fran

  • Thank you for your help, I'll have a look at the files when I have the time. I haven't used ScenProc much, but I'll try to learn how to use the method you're referring to. What I'm doing for San Francisco is not a great project, just some buildings to improve my modeling skills whenever I have some spare time. Modeling is quite fun to do, it's the texturing work that can be tedious at times especially when you don't have good reference photos from all sides and have to guess how a building might look.