Hide some start positions

  • The Apollo 50 team has also upgraded the aircraft carrier USS Horten (model USS Nimitz) so that a F-18 can roll, take off and land on the flight deck (roll and take off already works :), landing is still a problem;(, but more on this soon).

    I set up the 4 catapult runways "C1", "C2", "C3" and "C4" as well as the runway "L" on the carrier like on the original.

    But now there are altogether 20 positions for the selection to the start (4 positions per runway), which is nonsense however on a carrier. Only 5 positions (framed GREEN in the screenshot) are possible:

    - starting position at catapult "C1"

    - starting position at catapult "C2"

    - starting position at catapult "C3"

    - starting position at catapult "C4"

    - landing approach to runway "L"

    How can I hide the 15 positions not needed on a carrier (crossed out RED in the screenshot)?

    Bye, Michael

    PS: if everything fits, I will publish the tsc-file

  • The fix came from redo doing the landing deck. Thanks to TomSimMuc for acquire the working file. The original had holes and double faced surface. Alot of crazy detail was inside the carrier that needed to be delete to save some room. Soo many textures involved that it made converting a long process.

    Interested to see what you are doing to the carrier. To answer your question, I don't think you can remove the landing positions as they are more internally placed once you place a starting position.