Remembering Michael (IZOJUB) and brunnobellic

  • Hi (Michael (IZOJUB)

    Days ago I replied to your offer to create with AeroScenary, a region to N.W. of Spain. I have never heard from you again, or if you have started that work.

    In my family an accident has happened that will keep me away from the Forum for an indefinite period. I would beg you (if you can), you geoconvert me this region, whose area of tiles on the map, you had sent me

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi Brunnobellic

    I have been waiting for your response to post # 43 in which you have sent me an exact images of the Santiago airport building. Since you have not informed me again, this is what I do. In addition, a serious event has happened in my family, which will take me away from the Forum for some time.

    I strongly ask you to make that airport (if possible) with the almost white runways (like those of Asturias, which I love).

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • Hi Delfin,

    Sorry for the long delay I have been very busy with other work.

    After very careful consideration I have decided to take a long break from scenery and cultivation making as it takes up most of my "spare time".

    Maybe next year I will look at it all again?

    Kindest Regards,


    Best wishes, Michael :)