Addons on a second partition

  • Hi guys!

    Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I didn't find anything with the search function.

    I installed the flight simulator on a 2nd SSD, which is slowly getting too small. Is it possible to install single addons on another hard disk? If so, should it also be an SSD?

    Thank you very much for your answers!


  • The extra user folder has been added quite some time ago to make this possible.

    The setting is available in your main.mcf file and you can set a path, e.g. like D:\aerofly_extra_user_folder\

    and put your aircraft into the subfolder D:\aerofly_extra_user_folder\aircraft

    and put your scenery into the subfolder D:\aerofly_extra_user_folder\scenery

  • I just tried this and found a niggle. If I download, say, IZOJUB's UK scenery which comes in multiple packages, it isn't easy to use this method to store it without splitting the download into Places and Images and putting them under the relevant subfolders. What I was hoping was that I could have a structure like this, with multiple project folders under Scenery and specify my additional user folder as just E:/Aerofly_User_Folder/

    It doesn't work, so I need to revert to the method of putting these projects in Addons, but I'd then like a way of having a user addons folder if poss. Thanks!