More scenery from IPACS?

  • If you want a scenery journey there is Euro Truck Sim 2, I want an aeroplane simulator, more cockpit realism for me please.

    Actually I really like the New York region scenery :love:

    I had a few hours of fun with Truckin Simulator, but I love Flight Simulator more. It's very obvious you're a man who knows and appreciates his Instruments :) I enjoy the getaway from flying and checking out places I've never been to before. Too each his own. New York is pretty awesome!

  • Well I do not know about new but there is some scenery for sale over at that you might not have seen. I am downloading lubbock texas from there as I type this.

    Most of those sceneries have no airports at all: you have to add them yourself. The regions are small and some of the available freeware stuff is better than a what you have to purchase there. Certainly nothing over there that will save AFS2 for me.

    Whatever happened to the Washington/ Oregon DLC?

    Nothing, apparently. I remember JV talking about it as if it was a certainty. You clearly have to take JV's announcements with a pinch of salt.

    I came on this forum today to share my Arrow cold and dark settings which I just completed after installing the new version but I couldn't care less anymore now. :rolleyes:

  • For now I'm sticking with Aerofly. Not because it has a future...

    If they have any sense companies developing scenery such as Orbx will already be in talks about partnering with Microsoft, because I think the current business model of developing 3rd party scenery will be a thing of the past. I think scenery will be streamed on the fly, and we will be paying subscriptions to use it. The talents of the current scenery developers will be needed to make the processing routines produce believeable results.

    I'll be sticking with FS2 and buying any decent scenery produced for it, as it's the only one that can deliver VR acceptably. I'm disappointed about the lack of realistic weather, traffic, atc etc etc, but why develop such things when you can see what is around the corner?

  • I think scenery will be streamed on the fly

    I agree ... and I'm guessing IPACS believes this too ... so maybe the little guys still have a chance because if the big guy is focused on all of this cloud-streamed technology to create auto-scenery on the fly, the little guys might come out with some unique / cool ATC stuff the big guy doesn't have yet - and yes, I'm a glass-is-half-full person 8)

  • Let's all relax, just posted an hour ago by JV (ORBX CEO)


    Just to clarify, we have not abandoned AFS2, just put TE GB on hold.

    We have a dedicated resource in Sasha Normann (former FTX Scotland, FTX Germany team leader), starting with us full-time on Monday. His task? To optimise TE GB South for P3D massively, Port the rest of TE GB to P3D ASAP, and concurrently re-visit the AFS2 ports.

    Sascha has access to four developers from the regions team to assist him, so the resources are finally in place.

    This is unchanged from our roadmap and position we’ be shared since the start of the year, that things would accelerate from September.

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  • Notwithstanding the proportion between Prepar3d and AeroflyFS2 scenery, I feel the addition of Sascha Norman will be a great boost for ORBX indeed. He's certainly one with a lot of experience in programming as well as project management, and certainly better than the previous TE GB South porting team.

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • Let's all relax, just posted an hour ago by JV (ORBX CEO)

    Yeah, well, right, if JV says so... X/ His previous post about AFS2 sounds almost opposite to this one. And he doesn't exactly have a history of reliable announcements. :| I don't believe a single thing JV says anymore, to tell you the truth.