More scenery from IPACS?

  • At this moment scenery is 95% of the reason to fly FS2. You certainly wouldn't select it for systems or world coverage, would you?

    FS2 frame rates after years of MSFS minimum/recommended requirements nonsense floats my boat, imagine the work put into the Florida scenery being put into a better cockpit? I certainly don’t need another Florida experience, sorry it left me very flat(!).

    The scenery is already impressive, the cockpit interaction is from an earlier age. I’d feel better paying IPACS decent money for planes, ideally just instrument panels.

  • Whatever happened to the Washington/ Oregon DLC?

    I’ve made several requests for Washington and Oregon in these forums...pretty please IPACS.

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  • Oh, this sounds like good news; I'm very pleased indeed :). Because I'm seriously thinking of buying ORBX's Monterrey DLC for AFS2, and its good to know that my favourite scenery company will accompany Aerofly further; thanks to John and Sasha.

    Allthough my really passion is combat flight simming (DCS, Falcon BMS), AFS2 still remains my favourite civilian sim.

    Outstanding performance, astonishing visuals and - honestly spoken - I cannot abandon AFS2's Jungmeister.

    This biplane and its flight envelope - how the guys from IPACS have implemented it - is soooooooo gorgeous, so well done - its a masterpiece and one of the best of the best sim palenes of its category out there - believe it or not, its just the truth I'm saying ;)

    All the best.

  • Monterey was programmed by Jarrad Marshall, who I would call one of the best scenery designers those days. It's excellent visually as well as performance-wise.

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • Then you might understand why IPACS wants to hold back information on internal projects. No one wants to be caught in a "Catch 22" situation.

    I absolutely understand that, but it's getting late. Ipacs needs to do all it can to hold our enthusiasm, and also create enthusiasm for people who aren't hard-core users like us. They have definitely eased up on closing or censoring threads, and that was a good decision on their part. Now maybe a few peeks at what they expect to add to the sim in the next year would be great. Hype is good, not bad!

  • You know what would be useful: A world map filled in with where scenery exists for FS2. State by state in the US and then by country. I visualise something with a colour coded mapping for:

    * Included by default in sim

    * Available as a free IPACS DLC

    * Available 3rd party DLC

    * Available as free community download from

    * Reported as being in development e.g. Washington state, UK South

    If it was on a web page, we could just cite the URL when we read things like this on AVsim "I have looked at Aerofly 2, and that is restricted to California."

    Hmmm, maybe I can find vector data for US States and use my method?