can I fly in England or France although there is no scenery for that?

  • Hi flight friends,

    I want to do some example flights from YouTube tutorials and the aerosoft manual in the a320 in afs2.

    These flights are in France/Austria and in the UK. Can I fly and navigate in these regions although there is no scenery/airports in afs2? I know there are many airports available all over the world but are there any vors/ndb's in these areas?

    How would I create a flight in afs2 from Innsbruck to Nice for example? The scenery is not that important to me. It's about learning to fly and navigate.

    Thanks in advance!!


  • Hi Jozeff,

    You can certainly fly around the globe in Aerofly FS 2 and there is global navigation coverage.

    Our flight planning currently depends on a destination and departure airport but you can also create a flight plan without a destination. It's not as easy, you need add VORs, NDBs and waypoints from the area to create a route that ends just short of the airport. It won't calculate the cruise altitude and top of descent correctly then I can imagine. I'd recommend at least downloading a simple airport from e.g. fs-cloudport, then you can use the graphical navigation flight planner as usual.

    When you use the MCDU, that currently also depends on the airports that you have installed. So if you want to enter the destination ICAO identifier it might not be able to find it unless you have that airport installed. It's very well possible that this changes in the future.

    As soon as there is an airport it should be able to find the ILS approaches for the different runways.